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Winter Semester 2006/2007

Ogg Vorbis Encoding

Version Control

Raphael Wimmer <raphael.wimmer@medien.ifi.lmu.de>

What we will cover today

Version Control Systems

"Nobody is teaching people how to do source control."

(Eric Sink)

Basic Terms

Basic Actions

Branches and Tags



(Both are simple tree copies in Subversion)

Common Branching Patterns

Source: SVN Book

Conflicts / Merging

If you get a conflict, you need to do one of three things: Once conflict is resolved:
svn resolved

When to Branch? (I)

(Source: svn.collab.net)

When to Branch? (II)

Best Practices (I): Committing

Best Practices (II): Branches

Best Practices (III): Merging