LanguageLogger is an Android keyboard application facilitating data collection for studies on language use in the wild.

The Content Abstraction Idea of LanguageLogger

A Privacy-Aware Research Tool

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Language Use in the Wild

Allows to observe typed language in the wild, and directly applies preprocessing.

Easy Participant Setup

The setup effort for the participant is minimal. That facilitates a remote study in the wild, as no setup appointment is necessary.


The study setup can be configured by the researcher in the backend UI.


Text abstraction concepts applied on the client device ensure participants privacy.

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LanguageLogger: A Mobile Keyboard Application for Studying Language Use in Everyday Text Communication in the Wild

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Read our Tutorial Including Example Data on Medium

To provide a quick an easy to understand introduction into what LanguageLogger is capable of, we created this Medium article. It includes an example and some demo data.

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Or Get Started with the Project on GitHub right now.

You can find three projects on GitHub: The Android app, the corresponding backend application, and another Android project that demonstrates how the Language Logger modules can be used in other Android projects independent of the keyboard.

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