Collaborative Information Visualization on Interactive Surfaces - CIVIS'09

Workshop at Intelligent User Interfaces - IUI 2009

Unfortunately, our workshop could not reach a reasonable number of participants so CIVIS'09 cannot take place.
Apologies to all who where interested in participating. We hope to see you soon!

The amount and complexity of data we collect has drastically increased in the last number of years. As a result, a whole team of analysts is often required to make informed decisions in information-rich environments. Teams often gather formally or informally to discuss and analyze data in face-to-face meetings in order to effectively evaluate and interpret information. As such, the design of collaborative interfaces for data analysis and visual analytics is an emerging area in intelligent user interfaces. Interactive tabletops and display walls lend themselves especially well to co-located collaboration. The design of collaborative systems that offer computational support for these types of analysis scenarios, however, poses new challenges for tool designers, including:

group meeting
tabletop display

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