Collaborative Visualization on Interactive Surfaces - CoVIS'09

Workshop at VisWeek 2009

Schedule is online!

Workshop participation is open to all attendees of VisWeek'09!
Please send a short message to Petra Isenberg if you plan to attend.

It is common for small groups of people to gather around visual displays of information to discuss or interpret the information to form decisions. Groups can share the task load of exploring large and complex datasets and can share various interpretations of a dataset when working together. However, tools to support synchronous collaboration between several people in their data analysis are still relatively scarce. Traditionally, visualization and visual analytics tools have been designed from a single-user perspective and for desktop computers. While hardware such as multi-touch displays and network capabilities have emerged that lend themselves especially well to collaboration, software support for collaboration around visualizations is still relatively scarce. One of the reasons is that singleuser systems do not necessarily translate well to collaborative scenarios or interactive surfaces and require specific re-design. The design of digital systems for collaboration around visualization and visual analytics systems, therefore, poses additional challenges: we need to understand (a) how people collaboratively work with visual representations of data and which methods they use to solve information analysis tasks as a team, and (b) what the exact design requirements are for collaborative visual analysis scenarios. In this workshop we would like to discuss these challenges and discuss the role of interactive surfaces as an emerging technology for supporting collaborative visualization and visual analytics settings.

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