Final Projects Practical Course Unity 2021

The practical course gives an introduction to network and interaction programming for head-mounted displays with Unity. In a five-day hackathon, the students can work full time on their projects in teams of up to 5 people. The fantastic results of the hackathon in the summer of 2021 are shown below.


Only together we bloom. And only together we can let this farm bloom. So grab a friend and try to maintain all the plots on the field. Therefore, you will need to split the work. One player will immerse themself in the virtual world and plant vegetables with our magically adapting seeds. The other player however will use a drone to water the plots and provide the magic seeds. You can only succeed by teamwork and good communication. Show us that you can bloom!

VBloom is a cooperative farming game with an asymmetric multiplayer experience.


VBloom was developed by
Nicolas Mogicato, Bachelor Computer Science
Tobias Daniel, Master Human-Computer Interaction
Yü Sun, Master Human-Computer Interaction

Rustle Up!

Rustle Up! Time is running out, as you are stranded on an abandoned planet and want to escape before a meteor smashes into it and destroys everything. On this planet, humans control big robots from the inside that can easily do some heavy construction work. Most of the people already fled; only an old robot was left behind. The only hope for escape is to assemble missing parts for a small spaceship. But because the robot is an older model, he might experience some malfunctions that only the controlling human can fix by solving some minigames. Also, one other human who is already off planet has the assembly plan for the spaceship and needs to communicate it to the other two players. Therefore two humans and one old robot need to work together to find the right components, assemble them and rustle up while the time is running out until the meteor crashes into the planet.

You can play as the construction robot who needs to find the correct components as well as the correct tools to assemble them. Or you can play as the human that controls the robot. You need to solve different minigames to fix the malfunctioning parts of the robot and you also have the remaining time in sight. Or you can play as the human with the assembly plan who needs to instruct the robot about the correct components and tools and also needs to convey information for the controlling human about how to fix the robot again.


The game Rustle Up! was developed by
Alexandra Ginger
Christina Sedlmeier
Julia Kleinau
Miriam Halsner

Robo Smasher

Are you brave enough to face a 20,000 pounds killing machine? Can you stop, what is seems to be becoming the biggest thread to mankind? Join forces with your PC gaming friends to face a monster, that strives through his virtual realms, with nothing but destruction in his artificial mind.

The Jewelry Heist '21

Our co-op game is called "The Jewelry Heist ‘21". The main game task - to rob a jewelry store - must be completed by the VR player and the Desktop player through voice chat interaction. Our game has many similarities to the treasure hunt game genre, since the goal is to collect various precious items by following a series of clues and solving different tasks. The VR Player can navigate through the game scene, while the Desktop player helps in decoding our riddles and guiding the VR Player along the scene. Jewelry display areas and vaults are places where players can steal jewelry. But jewelry is also hidden in various other rooms. Each time an item is collected, the players get a reward which is also added to their score. The final goal of the game is to collect as many items in the given timeframe (30 minutes) and escape out of the jewelry store.


Vasil Lazarov, Master Computer Science
Christian Schepers, Master Media Informatics with Applied Media Design
Shaoying Liu, Master Computer Science
Yara Fanger, Master Media Informatics with Applied Media Design
Petros Isaakidis, Master Computer Science


𝕍VE AℝE LOST is an asymmetric multiplayer game, where one or more VR Players face off against a PC player. The game takes place inside of a randomly generated labyrinth at night time. The VR players spawn directly into the ruins, where they have to find the key-item that’s hidden inside one of the level’s many chests in order to escape the maze and win the game. They are equipped with only a single lit torch that illuminates the otherwise dark scene. Additional torches on the walls may be lit to provide more helpful vision. The PC player joins as an antagonist in birds eye view with the goal to prevent the VR players from escaping by either manipulating the labyrinth’s layout to disturb the VR players’ orientation or by spawning spider-enemies to hunt down and potentially kill the fleeing players. The PC player will have to make educated guesses regarding the VR players’ positions, since they themselves are inherently invisible and only reveal their rough location via the light emitted by the torches.


Ludwig Felder, Bachelor Media Informatics
Julian Hager, Master Computer Science
Marcel Quanz, Master Computer Science
Ines Trautmannsheimer, Bachelor Media Informatics
Sebastian Walz, Bachelor Media Informatics