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PERMID 2006: Pervasive Mobile Interaction Devices
- Mobile Devices as Pervasive User Interfaces
and Interaction Devices -

Workshop at the Pervasive 2006
Sunday, May 7th 2006
Dublin, Ireland


Enrico Rukzio, University of Munich (Germany), Enrico.Rukzio (at)
Jonna Hakkila, Nokia Corporation (Finland), Jonna.Hakkila (at)
Dan Fitton, University of Lancaster (UK), df (at)
Rafael "Tico" Ballagas, RWTH Aachen (Germany), ballagas (at)
Andy Wilson, Microsoft Research (USA), awilson (at)


Mobile devices have become a pervasive part of our everyday lives. People have mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs which they take with them almost everywhere. So far these mobile devices have been mostly used for phone calls, writing short messages and organizer functionalities. Today we see that the development of context-aware services for mobile phones which often take the user, her situation and location into account.
But why not use these devices for interactions with the real world, as a mediator between the virtual and the user´s world? While certain research domains within the fields of mobile applications and services advance at an amazing speed (e.g. context-aware services on mobile devices, using sensors in mobile phones), the areas of pervasive mobile user interfaces, mobile devices as interaction devices, mobile devices for interactions with the physical world and user experiences in this field are still rather limited.


Possible topics for the workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Interactions between mobile devices and the real world
  • Using mobile devices as user interfaces for terminals and vending machines
  • Interaction metaphors for pervasive applications and services
  • Multimodal interaction taking mobile devices into account
  • Usage of sensors in mobile devices (camera, microphone, GPS, etc.) for pervasive applications
  • Augmented, virtual and mixed reality on mobile phones and PDAs (tracking, markers, visualisation)
  • Portable music players (e.g. iPod Video) and personal servers as mobile interaction devices
  • Interactive context-aware services on mobile devices
  • Gathering, management and usage of context information
  • User experience, user studies
  • Applications and scenarios


Every presentation will last 25 minutes including a ca. 18 minutes talk and ca. 7 minutes discussion.

Session Chair: Jonna Hakkila

Mobile Lenses: A Hybrid Approach to Direct Interaction with Maps and Kiosks (Paper, Slides)
Derek Reilly and Huiqiong Chen (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada)

Supporting Service Interaction in the Real World (Paper, Slides)
Gregor Broll, Sven Siorpaes, Enrico Rukzio (University of Munich, Germany); Massimo Paolucci, John Hamard, Matthias Wagner (NTT DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Germany); Albrecht Schmidt (University of Munich, Germany).

Suggestions for Visualizing Physical Hyperlinks (Paper, Slides)
Pasi Välkkynen, Timo Tuomisto and Ilkka Korhonen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
Session Chair: Enrico Rukzio

Evaluating the Privacy of Using Mobile Devices to Interact In Public Places (Paper, Slides)
Trevor Pering (Intel Research, USA)

Secure Real World Interaction Using Mobile Devices (Paper, Slides)
William R. Claycomb and Dongwan Shin (New Mexico Tech, USA)

Mobile Devices in Crossmodal Interfaces (Paper)
Han Cao, Patrick Olivier, Daniel Jackson, Andrew Armstrong (University of Newcastle, UK)

Device Impact on User Mobile Infotainment Access (Paper, Slides)
Tacha Serif and George Ghinea (Brunel University, UK)
Session Chair: Jonna Hakkila

Practical Issues in Physical Sign Recognition with Mobile Devices (Paper, Slides)
Christof Roduner (ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and Michael Rohs (Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and TU Berlin, Germany)

The Simplicity Device: Your Personal Mobile Representative (Paper, Slides)
Giovanni Bartolomeo, Francesca Martire (DIE - Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy); Enrico Rukzio (University of Munich, Germany); Stefano Salsano, Nicola Blefari Melazzi (DIE UniversitÓ di Roma "Tor Vergata", Italy), Chie Noda, John Hamard, Alexander De Luca (NTT DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Germany)

iStuff Mobile: prototyping interactions for mobile phones in interactive spaces (Paper)
Rafael Ballagas, Faraz Memon, Rene Reiners, Jan Borchers (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

iCapture: Facilitating Spontaneous User-Interaction with Pervasive Displays using Smart Devices (Paper, Slides)
Keith Mitchell, Nicholas J.P. Race and Michael Suggitt (Lancaster University, UK)
Session Chair: Rafael Ballagas

Discussion of / Group work on focused topics like e.g. "A design space that encapsulates all of the interaction possibilities using a mobile phone." "Why are pervasive interactions using mobile phones still only a research topic and what is preventing them from being realized outside of the lab? What conditions are necessary before they will be widely accepted as input devices?"


The main goal of the workshop is to develop an understanding of how mobile devices (particularly mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs) can be used as interaction devices. We will provide a forum to share information, results, and ideas on current research in this area. Furthermore we aim to develop new ideas on how mobile phones can be exploited for new forms of interaction with the environment. We will bring together researchers and practitioners who are concerned with design, development, and implementation of new applications and services using personal mobile devices as user interfaces.

Workshop Format

The workshop will feature presentation of research results, ongoing work, ideas, concepts and critical questions related to the use of mobile devices as user interfaces in the real world. Every presentation will be followed by a corresponding discussion. Furthermore we invite the presenters to show their demonstrators during their presentation and in the breaks.

Participation & Process

The number of participants should be limited to 25 people. Prospective authors are invited to submit their contribution, in PDF format conform to the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) style guide (RTF, Latex), electronically to Enrico.Rukzio (at) no later than February 10, 2006. The organizers will select circa 10 papers for presentation at the workshop. It is currently planned to have one printed proceedings volume for all Pervasive 2006 workshops. Papers should have a length of about 6 pages (not more then 8 pages). Everybody who wants to participate at the workshop (actively: as presenter of an accepted paper, passively as audience and discussant) has to register for it on the corresponding conference webpage.

Important Dates

February 10, 2006: Deadline for submissions of workshop papers
March 10, 2006: Notification of acceptance for workshop papers
March 24, 2006: Deadline for preparing camera-ready copies
May 7, 2006: PERMID 2006 workshop at Pervasive 2006


PERMID 2006 will be held in conjunction with the 4th International Conference on Pervasive Computing (PERVASIVE 2006) in Dublin, Ireland. For more information about the main conference, refer to
The actual workshop will take place on May 7th 2006 in the Burlington Hotel Dublin.

Mailing List

Please find at a mailing list about the topic of the workshop.


Permid 2006 will provide printed and online proceedings. As it was done for Permid 2005 we will register the current workshop in the DBLP Bibliography (see entry of Permid 2005 in DBLP). Furthermore it is planed by the organizers of Pervasive 2006 to provide workshop proceedings that include all papers of all Pervasive 2006 workshops. Permid 2006 is supported by the Human Technology journal that will publish selected papers of the workshop in a special issue.

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